Titagarh, a private Indian train manufacturer since 2007, delivered 350 transit systems to Indian Railways, setting a record among private rolling stock makers.

To bolster their Passenger Division, Titagarh acquired Italian company Firema, a century-old industry player, operating under the banner of Titagarh Firema Adler Spa.

In 2015, Titagarh further expanded by acquiring Italy's second-largest passenger rolling stock manufacturer, becoming a global player with facilities across Italy. As Titagarh Firema SpA (TFA), they offer a diverse portfolio, including High-Speed, Semi High Speed, double-decker and single-decker trains, EMUs, metros, LRTs, DMUs, propulsion systems, and more.


Offices & Plants

Kolkata, WB, India

This manufacturing unit has a G105 certificate and advanced machinery for passenger rolling stock production. It can manufacture 865 coaches annually and has state-of-the-art facilities for aluminum and stainless-steel passenger coach production and propulsion systems. Notably, it's the only facility in India producing both types of coaches simultaneously. It's also fully compliant with TAMS (Titagarh Advanced Manufacturing Systems), an industry 4.0-ready system enhancing production with intelligent technologies.

Rolling Stock

Titagarh, India's first private company for EMU/MEMU coaches, delivered 350+ top-tier units to Indian Railways since 2007, a record unmatched by other private manufacturers.

In 2019, they secured their first metro contract in Pune, introducing aluminum-bodied coaches, a novel concept in India. This led to more successes, including contracts with Gujarat Metro Rail and Bangalore Metro Rail. They also participated in India's Semi high-speed train project, "Vande Bharat," aligning with policies like 'Make In India' and 'Atmanirbhar Bharat.' This strategic blend of European tech and Titagarh's manufacturing prowess propelled them internationally, supported by facilities in India and Italy.


Propulsion & Electrical equipment

Titagarh Rail Systems has a strong track record in producing comprehensive railway propulsion systems. They have successfully manufactured and supplied traction motors for locomotives to Indian Railways. The company continues to manufacture propulsion systems for Indian Railways.An integral part of Titagarh's operations is its Strategic Alliance with ABB. This collaboration focuses on manufacturing Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) and Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) Propulsion Systems tailored exclusively for Indian Railways. This partnership, combined with Titagarh's association with its European counterpart, Titagarh Firema, brings together a wealth of expertise in producing essential components such as Traction Converters, Power Electronics, Propulsion Systems, Auxiliary Power Supply systems, Electronic Equipment, Traction Motors, Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS), as well as both hardware and software elements.



Titagarh Rail Systems Limited has established an expansive service network and infrastructure that offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions across various manufacturing sectors. The company has effectively executed contracts for the maintenance of freight cars throughout their complete lifecycle.

Re-design Maintenance Assistance and Global Service Repair, Inspection and Refurbishing Systems and Electrical Equipment Upgrade Exteriors and Interiors Face-Lift Power Upgrading From 3KV DC to 25 KV AC