Titagarh ventured into freight wagon manufacturing in 1997. This forward integration of its existing business of manufacturing steel castings at its foundry for Indian Railways, enabled Titagarh to establish itself as the leader in the Indian market, and spread its footprint in other areas of rolling stock. Titagarh is a transnational powerhouse in end-to-end solutions for the Freight Rail Systems industry.

Titagarh also has business interests in shipbuilding, bridges, and defence (SBD). Titagarh has constructed and consistently delivered world class specialized ships for the Indian Navy and manufacturing of Defence equipment for the country. Additionally, Titagarh provides modular bridging solutions to remote areas. The Freight Rail Systems segment generates a major contributor to Titagarh’s topline.


Rolling Stock

Titagarh, India's first private company for EMU/MEMU coaches, delivered 350+ top-tier units to Indian Railways since 2007, a record unmatched by other private manufacturers.

In 2019, they secured their first metro contract in Pune, introducing aluminum-bodied coaches, a novel concept in India. This led to more successes, including contracts with Gujarat Metro Rail and Bangalore Metro Rail. They also participated in India's Semi high-speed train project, "Vande Bharat," aligning with policies like 'Make In India' and 'Atmanirbhar Bharat.' This strategic blend of European tech and Titagarh's manufacturing prowess propelled them internationally, supported by facilities in India and Italy.



Titagarh's initial venture in the foundry industry paved the way for its prominence as a leading Indian rolling stock manufacturer. With two expansive steel casting foundries, Titagarh now produces integral components for both Indian Railways and the global market, particularly excelling in rail crossings. Their product range includes bogies, couplers, and draft gears.

In a strategic progression, Titagarh extended its domain by acquiring Sambre et Meuse, a distinguished French enterprise renowned for its proficiency in cast products, in the year 2015. Both entities, Titagarh and Sambre et Meuse, share illustrious pedigrees in the realm of designing and technical adeptness concerning bogies intended for freight wagons. Sambre et Meuse, a distinguished nomenclature in the industry, has notably contributed to the fabrication of widely employed bogie types such as the T-series (for deployment in African contexts), TY bogies (catering to European requisites), variants of the Y-25 bogies, and the Berlingot buffers, among other notable offerings.

In the domain of components, the portfolio encompasses a diverse array of bogie variants (ranging across gauge widths of 1000 mm, 1067 mm, 1435 mm, and 1676 mm), in addition to couplers and draft gears, thus presenting a comprehensive suite of offerings.



Titagarh has embarked on diversification into the field of shipbuilding through its strategic merger with Corporated Shipyard, a seasoned entity boasting 25 years of expertise in shipbuilding. The latter possesses a commendable track record, having successfully constructed over 70 ships for a diverse clientele.

Titagarh maintains a consistent commitment to delivering vessels ahead of schedule, facilitated by its state-of-the-art shipbuilding facilities spanning a vast expanse of 50 acres and featuring a waterfront extending 500 meters. Strategically situated along National Waterway 1 in close proximity to Kolkata, India, the shipyard is equipped with contemporary steel processing infrastructure incorporating CNC machines. These advanced machinery units collectively possess a capacity to process in excess of 10,000 tons of steel annually.



At the current juncture, we engage in the production of three distinct variants of Modular Steel Bridges within our domestic borders. These efforts are conducted in conjunction with M/S Matiere of France. The specific bridge models encompass the Unibridge, Matiere Panel Bridge (MPB), and Matiere X Bridge (MXB). Notably, the distinctive feature of these bridges lies in their expedited assembly process, particularly in remote and inaccessible areas. It is pertinent to highlight that the assembly of these bridges does not necessitate on-site welding. The entirety of these bridge constructions is pre-fabricated, thereby obviating any generation of waste at the installation sites. Scrap steel originating from the facilities at Titagarh is systematically recycled or repurposed, aligning with our steadfast commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.



Titagarh is proud to have delivered a long range of prestigious products to various Defence Sectors. Titagarh successfully supplied metal canopies, canisters, integrated field shelters and medical oxygen plants to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Additionally, within the purview of the Titagarh Defence Sector, the company is engaged in manufacturing of EMI/EMC mobile nodes, canisters and various applications to the Ministry of Defence.

Titagarh holds a Defence Industrial license that grants us the endorsement to produce a range of defence products. These products include but are not limited to Mine Clearing Systems, Military Trailers, CBRNe Equipment (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive), Armor solutions, in addition to Naval Vessels and Warships.


Offices & Plants

Titagarh Unit 1, India

Established in the year 1983, this multi-product steel foundry specially caters to the Indian Railways. The unit specialises in manufacturing rolling stock & components, and railway track fittings – mainly bogies, couplers, draft gears for wagons and CMS crossings. It has a maximum melting capacity of 25000 MT per year.

Titagarh Unit 2, India

The primary manufacturing unit of Titagarh, this plant manufactures 8400 wagons per year. The plant is accredited by the Indian Railway with the G105 certificate. This standard lays down requirements of infrastructure, manufacturing, testing facilities, quality assurance systems and the procedure for approval as a Railway Wagon Builder. Also, this unit has a state- of- the-art shipbuilding facility spread over 50 acres of land with 500 metres of waterfront, this yard also has a jetty for post-launching activities on the ships.

Bharatpur Unit, India

This manufacturing unit situated at Bharatpur, Rajasthan, with a ASME U Stamp certificate, has equipment conforming to the latest technology for defence equipment, special purpose wagons and loco shells manufacturing, Titagarh posseses the Defence Industrial licence allowing us to manufacture various defence equipment's.